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TracIr Financial Services, Inc. began operations in 1988 as a Buy Here Pay Here entity for a dealership located in Columbus, Ohio. In 1991, the company was reorganized as Central Credit Corporation consolidating the underwriting and collection departments under one facility located in Reynoldsburg, Ohio. In 2005 we reengineered our business model and moved from captive to non-captive. Specifically, we started developing partnerships with many dealers throughout Ohio and became an indirect subprime automobile finance company.  In 2006, we fine-tuned our business model and expanded our footprint to include Mississippi. Our presence and the valuable service we provide– indirect automobile financing for the credit challenged– proved beneficial to numerous used car businesses and customers alike, so we opened an office in Flowood, Mississippi  Tracir Financial Services I, Inc.) during November 2007. Our Midwest office is poised to conduct business in Ohio, Virginia, Indiana, Maryland, Kentucky, and Illinois. Our southern office conducts business in Mississippi, Alabama, Tennessee, Georgia, Florida, Arkansas, and Missouri. Within the next 24 months our footprint will include an additional eight states.

As previously stated, Tracir Financial Services, Inc. and Tracir Financial Service I, Inc. collectively provide indirect sub-prime automobile financing for credit challenged consumers. We assist in meeting the needs of people who may not have access to conventional sources by offering automobile dealers a wide range of financing options for their customer. We employ over 20 years of experience in the subprime automotive finance industry to fulfill the needs of dealers and consumers alike in 13 states; we employ a commonsense approach to lending, delivering reliable credit decisions for the mutual benefit of all.  Unlike most finance companies, our Dealer Partners can contact us most any time day or night. We pride ourselves in providing a well-balanced environment offering the consumer an opportunity to potentially reestablish their credit and possibly realize greater credit opportunities in the future.