Buy, Sell and Trade!

Would you be interested in a Ricart Employee Buy, Sell and Trade portal. We are investigating this option and would like your comments, feedback and suggestions. We are considering creating one on FaceBook if apps are not readily available. Any thoughts here, please "respond" in a comment below.

Below are some of the "general" rules for these types of networks:

Notice- No more than 6 posts in a 12 hour period per member gofundme and similar posts will be removed We do not allow the sale of firearms Real Estate- For sale by owner only, No agent ads Do not comment on posts if you are not interested in the item being offered. Anyone commenting on a post for the purpose of harassing the seller will be removed from the group without warning. Rudeness and cussing will not be tolerated in this group. In the future people who talk that way will be removed, no questions asked, right or wrong they are gone No puppies/kittens may be advertised until they are 8 weeks old. That means no posting for deposits or for future sale. Ads for pups/kittens under 8 weeks old will be removed By Ohio law puppies/kittens must be at least 8 weeks old before they can be offered for sale. If you post puppies/kittens here please include age in the post.

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