Rabid Customs is now OPEN!

Rabid Customs had its official Opening on Friday, May 12th. THANK YOU to all that helped in the event and for hosting our guests from Ford Motor Company and Roush Performance.

Here are some Rabid Updates:

For everyone who wasn’t able to visit on Friday, please come visit the shop between 1-4pm on Thursday or Friday.

Rabid is 100% open for business

We specialize in Ford vehicles, but have the knowledge and expertise to work on all makes, models and years

We’re currently open Monday-Friday from 8am-5pm

We do performance modifications, custom bodywork, wheels, tires, accessories and restoration work.

We do not do car audio/video installs, mount used tires or install cheap products from the internet

We have the Ricart classic vehicle collection on display, feel free to visit anytime and check it out!

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