Sometimes,...things happen.

If it should happen to one of us, we will stand together to help.


Mission Ideas/Reasons:

To help Ricart Employees, aka, “One of R Own”, through a serious/critical illness, or that of an immediate family member.   
To show that “We Care” and that we can positively impact the lives of our fellow employees when they need it the most.  
By our mass number of employees in one location, our hearts and minds dedicated to helping each other, imagine the lives we can change right here at home, standing shoulder to shoulder, and giving support.
Team-building, Morale, and Communication opportunity with cross-departmental involvement.

Nomination Process (nominate a co-worker):

All nominations will be considered by a small committee, and submission information will be kept confidential within the committee only.  
The recipients of “One of R Own” donations will not be publically announced.  The amount of donations collected per event, and awarded per event will be announced without a name attached unless the recipient agrees that it is ok to announce their name.  Honoring and maintaining personal privacy is one of our top priorities.
Nominations can be made anonymously through inter-office mail (Shannon Marcum/Julie Dyer), or
Email a short note, listing the name of the employee you are nominating, the department they work in, and why you believe they are in need of some “One of R Own” financial TLC.
Email nominations to: or