What's Happening?


Central Ohio has a diverse radio selection. From Rock, Pop, Urban  and even Talk radio formats, as listeners, we have many options. As "advertisers, we must select the right station to deliver the proper message to the right listener. This becomes difficult because EVERY station has listeners that we want to get our message to and that becomes a challenge.

So we adopted a strategy this past summer to engage the listeners of select stations through "Influencer Marketing" strategies. Instead of US recording a commercial and telling people about "deals" on vehicles, we invited some central Ohio radio personalities to the Ricart Mega Mall to experience the dealership from a personal perspective. Then these on-air talents returned to their respective stations and told their listeners about their experiences. They would actually go on the air and just "talk" about the Ricart experience they had and what they observed!

Here are some "cuts" from the On-Air DJ influencer campaigns: