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Ricart News


Family Track Night

Fri, Oct 8th, 5 pm  - 9 pm 

National Trails Raceway

The Pizza Ship challenge is back! Bring your family for dinner, dessert, bounce houses, games, face painting, and more! 

Holiday Party

Sat, Dec 11th 

Columbus Convention Center

Join us for dinner, dancing, and entertainment! 



Track Night.png
Christmas Party.png

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Please only shop in the 'Employee' section with the code: EmployeeOnly. 

This section includes all items, including uniforms and all items sold on the public site. 

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Wenning Strength at Ricart Fitness Center

Join advanced classes Monday and Wednesday at 2:00 p.m OR
Weight Loss/Rehab classes on Monday and Wednesday at 3:00 p.m. 

Looking for food trucks, workouts and/or all Ricart, Farrow and Rabid events? See the calendar below!