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With the start of the new year, and for some new benefits, it is important to take a moment to update your personal information in ADP, such as your phone number, address, and emergency contacts. Personal information can be updated by going to MYSELF>PROFILE. Another essential thing to update each year is your beneficiary elections for life insurance and 401(k). Life Insurance forms are available in the ADP forms library and should be submitted to Shannon Anderson at 401(k) can be updated on the Wells Fargo website. Please see Shannon Anderson (extension 6244) at the Ricart Career Center with any questions. 


Our New Express Checkout process was featured in

The Columbus Dispatch.

Read about how Ricart is at the forefront of car buying.

Are you familiar eligible to contribute to 401k?

Not sure if you are contributing enough income to save for retirement?

Thinking you are running out of time or even that "you have plenty of time to worry about that later"?

Now is the time to invest in your future!!!

Please take a moment to check out the updated video from Pension Advisors regarding our 401k program here at Ricart Automotive.

401k Video

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Doing more than selling cars. RICART Automotive supports Columbus and Central Ohio!

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We have a LOT of events to talk about and here are some of the ones coming up soon! If you know of other Ricart events, please send them to

Here at our "67 Acres of Awesome" there is a lot to see and do! Finding out about every event can seem challenging, but it is truly not when you use our calendar!